An open letter to myself:

Dear TJ,

I’m writing you this letter because over the past year I’ve seen a subtle but steady change come over you, and I’m concerned about the mental state you’ve allowed yourself to unconsciously slip into. I’ve watched as you have kept a close eye on the historical countdown, which has finally lead us to this very highly anticipated, crucial election day. The drama and political theatrics that have unfolded over this past year are truly impossible to put into words. You could launch the world’s most powerful spaceship from the summit of Mount Everest and it wouldn’t even come close to how high the emotions of our nation have run throughout this momentous campaign season.  Choosing a leader to reside over The United States of America is a decision that was never intended to be taken lightly.  So I want you to know TJ, that I’ve watched as you have rightfully taken on the impossible task of sorting through a tidal wave of critical information, trying your best to determine what is true and what is false. I’ve watched as you’ve stood by, biting your tongue on social media sites, not wanting to get sucked into the vacuum of bitterness and hatred. . . not wanting to take to the battlefield in what has now sadly become a verbal civil war in our beloved country. I’ve watched as you’ve done the good deed of staying informed, all-the-while fighting desperately to avoid the pitfalls of preconceived notions and convenient stereotyping. Unfortunately TJ, I fear that despite your efforts, you have unknowingly been sucked into some of the very things that you’ve worked so tirelessly to avoid. Although you did a good job of not lashing out at people who have offended you with their verbal jabs, (sometimes very harsh in nature) you were still unable to avoid being consumed with a wave of growing anger. I’ve seen the tension and animosity building steadily inside of you, some of which is even being directed at some of your close friends and family. I’ve seen the grips of divisiveness take hold of you, and on occasion, you’ve allowed the blindness of an ego-driven bias to control your eyes. I fear that you have forgotten that Americans are Americans, and even if they disagree with you, you still share that one very special bond. I fear that you’ve lost sight of where your loyalties should truly lie and that at times you’ve struggled to face the fact, that although your convictions are strong, you can’t predict the future and you will not always be right. I also fear that you have regretfully inherited an intolerance for those who’s beliefs don’t coincide with yours, a quality that you have vehemently preached against in the past.  However TJ, I am proud of you for your passion. With so much at stake, it is understandable why you have taken your passion to another level. You should be passionate about the direction of your country. You should be passionate about fighting for what you believe in – and fighting for your faith, your future, and the future of your children. You should be passionate about fighting for your family and the foundation that you believe America was founded upon. But amidst all of the fighting, I fear that you’ve lost your way, and instead of building, you’ve been taking part in the destruction of the very thing you claim to be fighting for. So I’m writing you this letter to remind you, that you can’t keep allowing yourself to be lured into these damaging traps of prejudgement. You have to remember TJ, we all come from different backgrounds. . . we all live through different experiences – both good and bad. . .we are all raised by different parents in very different places. . . we all have very different genetic makeups which lead us to process things differently. . . and we all have very different pasts, presents, and futures that determine so much of who we are and how we think.  So, with all of these extreme differences that shape and mold the minds, bodies, and souls of millions of your fellow Americans, how in the world can you ever expect that every single one of them will always see things the exact same way that you do? That’s an impossibility. It makes perfect sense that people see things in their own way, regardless of if it is to your liking or not.  You have to understand this TJ. You also have to understand that the majority of people in this country are good people who want the same things that you want. They want peace, they want prosperity, they want opportunities for themselves and their families. . . and really, what it all boils down to, is they all just want the opportunity to live a good, happy life. You can’t blame them for sometimes disagreeing on what it will take to get there. So in closing TJ, I urge you to always remember these things. I want to see you go back to being that peaceful happy person, without all of that animosity inside of you. I’m hoping that you come to see clearly, that when you fight for your beliefs, it’s important that you fight the right way, and even though at times you may get angry, you can never lose sight of what you truly are fighting for. But most importantly, I’m hoping that tomorrow morning, when you wake up and read this letter, that regardless of who won the election (even if it’s not who you want it to be),  you will find peace in knowing that you still live in the greatest country in the world and that every single day you have an opportunity to make this beautiful country a better place. TJ, you have been blessed to have your health, you have been blessed to have a wonderful family, you have been blessed to have your faith, and you have been blessed to live in a country where you are FREE, and that freedom should never be taken for granted. What more than that could you ever ask for? May God be with you TJ, may God bring peace to us all at this very turbulent time in our great nation’s history, and last but not least, as always, may GOD BLESS AMERICA.



2 thoughts on “DEAR TJ

  1. Way to go TJ – wishing you much success with this!

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  2. Nice, I like it, TJ. We all need to keep these words in mind. Just watching your bro on live stream right now, playing for Shanghai, they’re up at the half and he’s nailing pull up threes like he’s back in Provo!

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