JIMMER UPDATE – new pictures

I guess at this point to say that things have started out well for Jimmer with his basketball career in China would be a pretty big understatement. Within the first 10 days of Jimmer’s arrival across the Pacific, he lead his Sharks to victory in a tournament championship in Singapore, sealing the deal with a 43 point performance that included 3 clutch game winning free throws with zero time left on the clock, and in the process receiving MVP honors. Now here we are, 14 games in, and Jimmer has helped propel the Sharks, a team who didn’t make the playoffs last season, to the number 1 ranked team in the CBA with a 13 – 1 record! Along the way, Jimmer has teetered at and around a 40 point per game average. He’s consistently gone back and forth as the leading scorer in a league that hosts a barrage of American talent, such as former NBA All-Stars Carlos Boozer and Josh Smith. . . just to name a couple. It has been a thrilling experience for my family and I, watching Jimmer wow crowds all over China with thrilling performances from the YouTube setting of our Apple TV. In his last two games, Jimmer was on the road, first putting up a 44 point showing against one of the leagues top teams… a performance which I would argue is his best so far, shooting an outstanding 18 of 27 from the field. He then followed that game up with a 36 point game Sunday night, an outing where Jimmer only played half of the game due to CBA rules involving imported players (players who are not Chinese citizens).

In my first Jimmer update, I ended my blog by saying, “Could this be the beginning of Jimmermania in China?”  Now, 14 games into the season, I would say that it looks like that could very possibly end up being the case. Jimmer has begun being recognized readily on the streets of Shanghai, being stopped frequently by eager fans for autographs and selfies. Jimmer also just recenlty signed a shoe deal with a company called 361! More to come on that soon. . .

The excitement is well underway in Shanghai, and the Sharks prolific owner, Yao Ming, has certainly become a strong believer in the potential of his red hot ball club. Recently my father, who is now back over in China with Jimmer, was asked by an acquaintance if he could deliver a book to Yao on his behalf. Without knowing the details of the book or what it is all about, my father obliged, and when he encountered Yao the other day, he tried to give him the book. Yao looked at my father and said, “A book? No sorry, I can’t take a book.” My father was kind of puzzled by Yao’s response. Yao then elaborated on why he couldn’t take the book. You see, in the Chinese language, the way that you say words, can at times be just as important as what words you actually say. The tone and voice inflection that you use when reciting a word can be very crucial. So Yao politely explained to my father that the word “BOOK”, is enunciated in the same tone and inflection as the word “LOSE,”and as a result, it would be bad luck for Yao to accept a book during the season. Not wanting to jinx his squad, Yao respectfully declined, but said he would gladly accept the book when the season is over. This says to me that the great Yao is all in! He wants his team to reach it’s full potential, and he’s not willing to do ANYTHING to gamble with that in anyway! I must say, I absolutely loved hearing that story. I’ve always loved and respected Yao Ming, but the more I hear about him, the more and more I like him!

The Sharks are on a roll! Can they take this momentum all the way to the CBA finals? Could Yao have just constructed the team, with his superstar American import (Jimmer), that will bring a CBA title to Shanghai? I certainly don’t want to make any predictions or get too far ahead of myself, but I must say, with the way the Sharks are playing right now, they are gonna be ONE TOUGH TEAM TO BEAT. So let’s keep it rolling Sharks!! You’re certainly doing Shanghai very proud.

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7 thoughts on “JIMMER UPDATE – new pictures

  1. Jimmer’s drive and love causes him to be the potential next 100 million dollar man

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  2. Such a great story. Thanks for the updates. Love to read and watch everything all of Jimmers accomplishments.

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  3. Thanks for the update, TJ. I don’t know about the rest of the Jimmer fans, but will you tell him that we would love to hear and see more stuff like this about his life in China? What kind of place is he living in, what are his favorite restaurants and foods, is he getting time to learn any of the language/culture/history or do any sightseeing, how’s the church there, is Whitney over there with him? Obviously, it sucks that he hasn’t been able to make his mark in the NBA, but it’s pretty cool that he’s getting to experience a whole different life while bringing back Jimmermania…Chinese style. Thanks!
    (Full disclosure–I lived and worked in China for 5 years, so I may be a little more curious than most)

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  4. Thanks, TJ. We love reading about Jimmer and this great new career in China. 🙂

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  5. Great article! I’m always looking for Jimmer updates, so this was fun to read. At some point I’ll look into buying my son a Jimmer Fredette Shanghai Sharks jersey. That would be pretty awesome!

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  6. Hey TJ SO great to see this- Thank You for Putting this up —
    ‘have been following Jimmer since his Junior year at BYU- And like many other True basketball fans have been Immensely frustrated that he has been obviously shafted by the NBA. I have written and commented on endless videos (as Em Gee ), blogs and newspaper columns proving how horrible he was treated in Sacramento, New Orleans , Chicago and NY. Serious basketball fans all KNOW when Jimmer gets minutes he is one of the most productive players on the planet…)You and I met at a game in Westchester and I sat with you for a quarter or two underneath the basket.)

    I have been watching Jimmer tear it up on JimmerWatch (you tube) but would love to watch the games Live as would many of his fans — You Mentioned apple tv and a you tube channel – Could pleas give some details on how to watch live?

    Thanks TJ
    I have had SO much fun watching these games …..Appreciate you taking the time to write this blog …

    Matthew Grace
    New York , NY


    • thank you Matt….yea those were fun times in Westchester. We don’t watch the Shanghai games live either. There is a way but we haven’t been able to get it set up so we just watch it the next day on YouTube. Thanks for writing. Take care Matt.


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